Mish Michaels Passed Away leaving Fans in Deep Sorrow

Mish Michaels Passed Away leaving Fans in Deep Sorrow

Mish Michaels American broadcast meteorologist, environmental reporter and author passed way  on March 16, 2022, at the age of 53!


The sad death of Boston meteorologist Mish Michaels! The family grieves her death!


The cause of her death has yet not been revealed!


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She was blessed with a daughter “Nalina” a nine-year-old brave girl, that was with her husband Wes Atamian.


The news broke out and trended on the internet and social media. She was famous and acknowledged by her On-Air Reporting. She was 53 and we all grieve for that!

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Her family spokesperson shared the news;


“It is with great sadness that we share the news of the passing of our beloved Mish Michaels.” They further added that “Our family is devastated by her loss. She was a devoted mother, wife, daughter, auntie, friend, and stellar equestrian.”


She was known as an award-winning weather forecaster, meteorologist, and environmental reporter.


Mish Michaels started her career in New Hampshire and went on to Boston, did stints with WHDH-TV, WBZ-TV, and worked with the Weather Channel.


She did her job for a short period at the local PBS station and WGBH. She was the winner of the Emmy Award as reported by the Boston Globe report in 2017. The paper said Jim Braude, host of “Greater Boston,” had raised concerns over her letting go as a science writer for enquiring a probable link between autism and vaccines.


On Wednesday evening WBZ-TV publicized that Mish Michaels was a friendly, reliable, and curious meteorologist and loved what she did as a science enthusiast. She gave seven years to Channel 4, as asserted by the station.


The station also added about her love of nature and passionate reporting about it. They said, “Mish chased tornadoes, flew into hurricanes, and brightened our lives.” It is interesting to quote that this particular field is led by men, but she was determined and confident to make the way for the women meteorologist, which was not just the concern in Boston but throughout the country. And she just did that!


She was best in her weather news broadcasting and was awarded a science journalism fellowship to study at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute which is famous as a science commune and is awarded by Nobel Prize.

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